I retained Lisa to handle my divorce. At that time, I had two young children and my husband was not providing for us financially. Lisa guided me through the legal process which provided me with a sense of relief and security. Lisa helped to craft a Judgment which would best ensure the safety of my children. She also assisted me in making decisions regarding my future.

Lisa understood that my first priority was and will always be my children. Lisa had the unique ability to be both kind and to aggressively represent my best interests through the divorce proceedings.

- Julie S.

I came across Lisa from a recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed. From moment one, I was impressed. After hearing a brief history of my case, she had a vision of the direction she wanted to take, along with the confidence I knew I would need in my lawyer. Lisa is a strong, knowledgeable attorney who was always up-front with me, giving me the facts of the case instead of sugar-coating it. Lisa is also extremely thorough with a commanding presence in the courtroom.

I had three lawyers prior to retaining Lisa for my extensive, complicated case. She was the only one who I placed complete trust in. The trust I placed in Lisa to look out for mine and my son's best interest, along with just simply doing the right thing, was well-founded and uncommon ni family law.

I have and will continue to recommend Lisa to anyone in need.

- Jeffrey A.

Lisa successfully defended my custodial rights where two other lawyers had fallen short. She understood the nuances of my case right away, maintaining objectivity in order to prioritize my issues. Lisa has been level-headed and measured while being very sympathetic, and is highly respected amongst her peers. Lisa has managed my expectations while encouraging me with her demeanor and actions.

In the end, I got more than a great lawyer; I got a good friend who is invested in what's best for me and my child.

- Peter H.

Lisa was compassionate and understanding in a time of great fear for me. She gave me confidence to move past fear and find my strength to finally end an abusive marriage. She was both tough and kind in the process. While my divorce wasn't the end of the craziness and my children and I still struggle to be healthy, my divorce freed me from the daily intimidation and worse... Likely saved my life. I am grateful for Lisa's strength when I didn't have much of my own.

- Denise