April 18, 2014

Adultery can have consequences during a Michigan divorce

If you’re going through a divorce in Michigan, the news from an April 17 report may interest you. Take for instance the fact that you could be getting a divorce due to your significant other’s infidelity. Did you know that it’s actually illegal to cheat on your spouse in some states?

The law is not strictly enforced in most cases, but when it comes to court, it can matter. In fact, in 21 states, cheating in a marriage is against the law. If you or your lover cheats, you could be punished with jail time or fines.

In one state, New Hampshire, the laws are potentially going to be repealed, because the state Rep. Tim O’Flaherty believes that New Hampshire citizens don’t think police should be enforcing marriage. In Colorado, the anti-adultery law was already appealed in 2013.

According to one law professor, these types of laws are not often enforced because they are viewed as Puritanical. So, realistically, adultery might not land you in jail, but it could cause you other problems when it comes to divorce. It could have civil consequences, according to another law professor from the University of California-Berkeley. That means that it could end up affect things such as custody disputes during a divorce.

In many states, adultery is not a serious crime – it is normally a misdemeanor. However, in Michigan and Wisconsin, the offense is technically felony. What this means for your divorce may not immediately be clear, but it’s wise to consider your options before it comes up so that divorce proceedings will not compromise your integrity.

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