August 24, 2018

Are high asset divorces hard to handle?

Michigan couples like you who are going through a divorce will already have an emotionally taxing journey ahead of you. The burden may be heavier to bear if you have a high number of joint assets, too. In fact, high asset divorces are considered by some to be one of the most complex divorce case types.

FindLaw shows exactly how complicated and taxing a high asset divorce can be, starting with the unique hurdles you will likely face. For example, a lot of high asset divorces involve some sort of business that both partners might have been involved in. Having to decide how to divvy up a business if you do not keep working together can be a long and complicated process because it involves both business litigation and divorce litigation.

Another potentially long-lasting process is figuring out alimony. While this can be a confusing matter for any couple, it only gets more complex as the money involved goes up. Negotiation for alimony in a high asset case can take quite a long time to work through, as well.

Division of property is another hurdle. High asset divorces usually involve a lot of property, cars, or items that might need to be appraised like paintings and expensive instruments. These items can be hard to price and even harder to divide.

Since every person’s marriage is unique, all divorces will differ from one another. If you have questions to ask about the best possible path to take for your own divorce, consider speaking with an experienced attorney who can help guide you through the options available to you.