December 13, 2013

Beyonce’s father denies missing child support payments

It’s not just celebrities that make the news when it comes to missing child support payments. Even their not-so-famous parents can end up in the spotlight due to allegations of nonpayment of court-ordered child support. This is exactly what has happened to Beyonce Knowles’ father, Matthew Knowles.

Matthew Knowles has a 3-year-old son that was conceived during an affair when he was married to Beyonce’s mother. According to various reports, the boy’s mother is owed $24,000 in child support. The source of this information is the mother’s brother, and he also alleges that Matthew Knowles hasn’t met the child.

One of Matthew Knowles legal advisors stated that “Mr. Knowles takes his obligation related to the support of his son very seriously.” He went on to say that the child support payments have been paid as they were supposed to be and that all payments are current.

Matthew Knowles has remarried since he divorced Beyonce’s mother. The woman is a real estate agent and a former model. He was Beyonce’s manager for some time, but no longer represents her. He is, however, quick to say how proud he is of his superstar daughter.

While $24,000 seems like an exorbitant amount of child support to most people, for those who are affluent or have a lot of assets it could be just enough to raise a child in the manner deemed appropriate by a judge. It’s not known if Matthew Knowles’ child support is court ordered or if it is simply an amount that the two parents came to an agreement on.

For those who are not receiving child support payments as they should or those who cannot make their child support payments due to a job layoff or similar circumstance, there are options available. A modification of child support can be filed to either increase or decrease these payments. A family law attorney can help explain your options, as well as your rights in such a court filing.

Source:, “Matthew Knowles Denies Skipping Son’s Child Support Payments” Christine Thomasos, Dec. 07, 2013