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September 2012 Archives

Therapy for children of divorced parents: When is it right?

Divorce can be a difficult process for both spouses, but it can be even harder on the children if there are any. While many children emerge from their parent's divorces happy and unscathed, others may become overwhelmed with guilt, anger, fear and other emotions. This makes it important for divorced Michigan parents with joint custody of their children to evaluate whether therapy could be useful in helping their children adjust to life after divorce.

Biggest post-divorce regrets

Having gone through marriages that ultimately failed, divorced individuals often have some of the best advice for how to make a marriage work. Divorcees have a perspective that other people may lack, which can make them more attuned to common problems that plague wedded couples. A psychologist with the University of Michigan recently collected responses from individuals who have gone through a divorce to learn what they most regretted about their marriages.

An argument against mandated joint child custody

In recent years, courts in Michigan and across the United States have demonstrated a growing preference for awarding shared child custody between divorced parents. In many cases, such arrangements are seen as advantageous because they allow children to maintain healthy relationships with both parents. Some people have even called for laws requiring courts to always hand down such decisions, but other experts say it would be a mistake to statutorily mandate joint child custody.

Pageant moms worried by custody case

A child custody case centered on a family from the TLC reality show "Toddlers & Tiaras" has pageant mothers concerned that their children's participation in beauty pageants could cost them their custody rights. In the case, a 6-year-old girl's father reportedly cited her child beauty pageant hobby as a reason why he should be awarded full custody, believing the pageants sexualize young participants. While the judge ordered the girl and her mother stop participating in pageants until the case concludes, he also issued a gag order against the father, threw reporters out of the trial and closed the hearing.

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