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October 2012 Archives

Beware: Online activity can hurt you in divorce

Facebook, Twitter and similar websites have become omnipresent in the lives of many people across the country, but experts warn that some Internet activity could jeopardize the results of your divorce. Michigan and most other states lack laws explicitly addressing the use of online posts in divorce cases. As a result, many family courts have begun to allow Facebook posts, tweets and other similar data to be discovered as evidence during divorce proceedings.

Former Piston to face jail time if he fails to pay child support

A NBA player who was formerly signed with the Detroit Pistons may be facing 11 months of jail time if he does not pay the $53,053 that he reportedly owes to a Michigan woman for child support. A judge handed down the delayed sentence at a recent hearing for the player, who has been charged with child abandonment and desertion. He will only be required to serve the jail sentence if he fails to make the payment and has been allowed to travel with his new NBA team.

Man seeks visitation rights with daughter conceived by rape

A 24-year-old man wants to see the child of a girl he admitted to raping when he was 17, filing a petition seeking visitation rights on the grounds that he is currently paying $110 in weekly child support to the child's mother. She was 14 at the time of the rape. The case has raised the question of whether convicted rapists should be allowed to file petitions in family court regarding their victims and any children conceived during rape.

Michigan judge targeted by paternity lawsuit

An attorney is suing a Michigan judge for $4.1 million, claiming he fathered two of her children then failed to take responsibility and provide for them. She alleges that she and the judge were engaged in a secret love affair that last nearly 20 years, but recently ended when the judge remarried. In addition to $100,000 for each year of their relationship and $100,000 for each year of the children's lives, she has also requested that the judge provide her with $2,000 in monthly child support payments.

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