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November 2012 Archives

Michigan residents voice complaints about Wayne County FOC

Handling over 300,000 child custody and child support cases each year, the Wayne County Friend of the Court is part of one of Michigan's busiest courts. As such, it attracts a large amount of criticism from those embroiled in difficult and bitter family law cases, many of whom say the FOC routinely dismisses their concerns and fails to use its authority and power to assist them when they need help.

The repercussions of hiding assets in a divorce

Some people have a lot to lose in the property distribution phase of divorce, which can make it tempting to attempt to hide assets from the court in order to protect them from division. However, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure expressly prohibit such tactics, declaring that anyone who signs a court document is attesting to its truth. As such, violating the FRCP by lying about one's assets during a divorce can result in serious consequences.

Emotional recovery after divorce

Divorce can have a number of effects on one's finances, family and personal life, causing changes that are generally easy to measure and correct with effort and thoughtfulness. However, divorce can also leave one feeling lost and emotionally damaged. Many divorcees are understandably overwhelmed by such feelings, finding it difficult to put their ordeal behind them and get on with their new lives. Fortunately, recovery from divorce is not only possible but much easier if one takes the proper steps.

Michigan bill aims to affect international child custody cases

The Michigan Senate recently gave unanimous approval to a bill that would make it illegal for a Michigan resident to take his or her child to certain countries while engaged in a child custody dispute. This bill has been sent to the state House of Representatives.

Michigan man fights custody of daughter

A Michigan man is awaiting a judge's ruling after a difficult child custody battle that has lasted for over three years. The case is expected to test a recently-passed Michigan law that allows biological fathers to petition for parental rights when they are denied. "I believe my daughter's entire future resides on me winning this case and getting her home, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how high the mountain is that we have to climb," the man explained.

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