Month: May 2013

Should a woman change her name after a divorce?

Women find themselves in a unique position after a divorce. They have the option of changing their name back to what it was before they were married. There is a stipulation, though. This option must be put into the divorce decree in most states in order for a woman to...

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Preparing your finances for a divorce

Divorce often has a number of unavoidable repercussions on one's mental health, stress levels, emotions and personal life. Fortunately, Michigan residents who take the appropriate steps can help ensure they do not suffer negative financial effects, allowing them to...

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Co-parenting tips for divorcees

Divorce can be intensely difficult, even years after it is finalized. Residual tension and bitterness over the terms of the divorce can make it difficult for former spouses to associate on cordial terms. However, doing so becomes crucial when those parties share...

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Dealing with an ex-spouse’s business debt

While most people are familiar with the property distribution phase of a divorce, some may be unaware that debt and its repercussions can be also be divided between both parties. A Michigan divorcé(e) could potentially be found liable for a former spouse's unpaid...

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