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June 2013 Archives

Strategies for coping with a divorce

Divorce can be an immensely stressful experience, with spouses frequently engaged in a series of bitter disputes over matters like property division, child support, alimony and custody. Regardless of which party emerges victorious from each of these conflicts, however, those who can move on and grow from divorce are the real winners. Michigan divorcees who remain calm and handle the dissolution of their marriages will in turn experience happier, more fulfilling lives after their divorces are finalized.

Michigan man contests parental rights law

A Michigan man who fathered a child with a married woman is contesting a law that allowed the woman to deny him his parental rights. The man is questioning the constitutionality of the statute, which grants mothers significant discretion in deciding whether biological fathers can claim paternity rights following the birth of a child conceived during an adulterous affair.

Same-sex couples face parenting challenges in Michigan

Michigan law currently does not recognize marriage between two individuals of the same sex, but it does not restrict such couples from successfully adopting and raising a child. This can make it frustrating and difficult for gay couples who want to start families in the state, as Michigan only grants certain parental rights to one of the parents.

Don't let your divorce take over your life

Most everyone would like for their divorce proceedings to be over with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it takes time, and it can take a toll on your mind, emotions and body. While you might not be able to control how long it will take for you to get your finalized Michigan divorce decree, you can control the toll it takes on your life.

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