Month: July 2020

Stepparent adoption in Michigan

Changing family situations may require an examination of their legal relationships. Michigan law allows stepparent adoption that can cement a stepparent’s role in the family. General requirements Stepparent may seek court approval for adoption after they assumed a...

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Common issues in any divorce case in Michigan

Getting a divorce can be one of the most life-altering situations a person could experience. For many people, a divorce case is the only time they ever have any contact with the courts. And, for some, the emotions that drive the case and the push toward a resolution...

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Will sole custody benefit my children?

When some couples divorce, they have an easy time working out a custody agreement. Yet, you and your spouse’s split may be contentious. You might have concerns about their fitness as a parent and are ready to seek sole custody. Before you do, it’s crucial to consider...

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