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How businesses are divided in a divorce

There are different ways that couples in Michigan earn money throughout their marriage. Sometimes both spouses work and earn money, sometimes only one spouse works. Also, some may be employees of another company or independent contractors. Others may be the owners of...

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Stepparent adoption in Michigan

Changing family situations may require an examination of their legal relationships. Michigan law allows stepparent adoption that can cement a stepparent’s role in the family. General requirements Stepparent may seek court approval for adoption after they assumed a...

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Can you change a parenting schedule?

When you and your spouse are divorced in Michigan, you usually have a parenting schedule so both of you can spend time with your child. Sometimes, though, you may realize that your parenting plan is no longer working for you and your child. In this situation, this...

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Can you and your child move to another state?

If you are a divorced Michigan parent whose company is planning to transfer you to another state, you may be nervous or even apprehensive about how your former spouse is going to react to your proposed relocation. Nevertheless, FindLaw explains that any time you want...

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Why We Need An Equal Rights Amendment

The 1963 Michigan Constitution provides for a general guarantee of equal protection of the law in Article 1, sec. 2 which states: "No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws; nor shall any person be denied the enjoyment of his civil or political rights...

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