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Responsibilities for creating a parenting plan for stepchildren

Parents of blended families in Michigan may come across a complicated issue when they divorce. They may wonder what their rights and responsibilities are when their soon-to-be ex-spouse has a child from another relationship with whom they have bonded. Are they legally responsible for caring for that child after the divorce?

Importance of gifting in a parenting plan

Giving gifts to your children is likely one of the highlights of special occasions, such as Christmas. For children who have divorced parents, these gifts might turn out to be headaches. Michigan parents who are divorced and have children might like to take some points about gifting to the children into consideration before another gift is purchased.

Michigan court rules against same-sex partner in custody case

Potentially setting a precedent for hundreds of similar cases, the Michigan Court of Appeals recently decided that a woman may not sue her former same-sex partner for parental or visitation rights as she is not related to the child by blood. The couple was married in Canada before moving to Michigan, where they separated in 2009.

Considering sibling relationships in parenting arrangements

Family courts in Michigan are compelled to act in a child's best interests in cases regarding child custody, visitation rights and parenting plans, but they do not always consider the child's relationship with his or her siblings. This can make the stress of divorce even harder to deal with for children who rely on siblings for emotional support. This can be especially true for step-siblings who are informed that they are no longer legally related after their parents' divorce.

Michigan father could lose visitation rights

A Michigan woman says the state law that allows the father of her six-year-old daughter to visit the girl is preventing her from protecting her child. The father is a convicted sex offender, meaning that he cannot go near schools, sporting events and other places where children are present. Michigan law, however, does not expressly forbid him from exercising his parental rights and visiting his daughter. The girl's mother has taken the man to court in order to prevent her ex-husband from seeking visitation and child custody. The man was previously convicted of sex crimes involving underage girls.

Man seeks visitation rights with daughter conceived by rape

A 24-year-old man wants to see the child of a girl he admitted to raping when he was 17, filing a petition seeking visitation rights on the grounds that he is currently paying $110 in weekly child support to the child's mother. She was 14 at the time of the rape. The case has raised the question of whether convicted rapists should be allowed to file petitions in family court regarding their victims and any children conceived during rape.

Father's Day visitation subject of lawsuit by basketball star

Parents in Michigan and elsewhere who are struggling with visitation issues may face legal action in order to protect the well-being of children when they are not in compliance with court-ordered visitation arrangements. This issue recently came up when professional basketball player Dwyane Wade filed charges against his ex-wife for violation of visitation orders.

Court awards visitation rights to unmarried dad

An unmarried father estranged from the mother of his daughter waged a court battle over custody for the child he only saw once in four and a half years. On April 27, a judge issued an order mandating that the father be granted ongoing visitation rights with his daughter. Single fathers in Michigan frequently have to wage a battle for the right to see their children and be involved in their lives. This case may affect similar rulings elsewhere in the country

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