February 21, 2018

Can you change a parenting schedule?

When you and your spouse are divorced in Michigan, you usually have a parenting schedule so both of you can spend time with your child. Sometimes, though, you may realize that your parenting plan is no longer working for you and your child. In this situation, this schedule can sometimes be changed.

According to Michigan Legal Help, you can usually change your parenting schedule only if there is a change in your circumstances. This can include situations such as a change in your child’s school schedule or your work schedule. More serious situations can also be a reason to modify this plan. If your ex-spouse is neglecting your child or has developed an addiction, a judge might consider a new schedule for you and your child. In some situations, your child may simply want to spend more time with you. This is usually not considered a change in your circumstances, though, and this kind of situation typically does not meet the requirements needed to modify your schedule.

If a new schedule will likely change the number of days your child is with you each week, you typically need to demonstrate that this new plan will be in your child’s best interests. A judge usually looks over all of the evidence you submit about the change in your circumstances and evaluates whether a new parenting schedule will be best for your child.

Sometimes you may have certain conditions you need to meet to spend time with your child. In some situations, you might need to pay all of the costs of transporting your child or receive mandatory counseling. If these conditions are not in your child’s best interests, you can usually ask if this aspect of your parenting schedule can be modified.

This information is intended to educate. It should not be used in place of legal advice.