January 26, 2012

Child support challenged by Michael Jackson’s brother

Few Michigan parents face as large of a back child support obligation that Randy Jackson, brother of the late pop star Michael Jackson, is facing. He is purportedly on the hook for a total of $600,000 in back child support, including interest.

Years ago, his ex-wife obtained a default judgment against him in a paternity case, ruling him the father of her daughter, and ordering support payments of $1,200 a month. He claims that he was never properly served with the lawsuit. He is therefore going to court to challenge it.

Jackson also contends that his ex-wife previously agreed to accept, in lieu of child support payments, free room and board at a Jackson family compound until her children turned 18. She and her children actually lived there for years, but she still wants payment of the back child support.

He further claims that he knew nothing about the child support order until county child support officials seized $5,000 from his bank account in partial payment of the mounting support obligation. Will the fact that he provided his ex-wife and his child with free room and board for nearly 15 years satisfy the original judgment? Will the fact that the child they share is now over the age of 18 have any effect on the ruling?

Many Michigan parents may be in similar situations of owing back child support. There may be more creative ways to come to an agreement on child support, but they may not always work out. It would be necessary that any child support agreement is legal and all parties are aware of the stipulations.

Source: Patch, “Michael Jackson’s Brother Randy Sues Ex-Wife,” Jan. 19, 2012