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How Does Changing Schools Affect Custody?

Determining whether a child can enroll in a different school district or school after divorce can be a contentious issue in Michigan. Attorney Lisa Stern in Bloomfield Hills has extensive experience in advising parents who wish to change schools, relocate or make other child custody or parenting time changes after divorce.

Do I Need Court Permission To Enroll My Child In A Different School?

If you and your former spouse have joint legal custody of your children, major decisions, such as which school your child will attend, must be made jointly. If your former spouse objects to the school change, you will need court permission to change schools.

In determining whether to approve the change, the school will consider the reasons for making the changes. Examples of reasons you might want to change schools include:

  • The new school offers educational advantages.
  • The school may have a program for your child’s special needs.
  • Your child is facing bullying at his or her present school.

Extracurricular Activities And Child Custody

As children get older, extracurricular activities, traveling sports teams and even special camps can have a major effect on the time you spend with your children. This can lead to issues such as:

  • Who pays for the extracurricular activities?
  • Who drives children to the activities?
  • When does an extracurricular activity interfere with parenting time?

If a dispute needs to be resolved in family court, it’s important to know which judge will hear your case. Different judges rule differently on these cases.

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