Relocation And Child Custody: What To Expect

People are occasionally required to change residences, in and out of state, for all kinds of reasons: remarriage, a business transfer, proximity to specialized medical care for an illness or injury, or military service.

When the person who is moving is a divorced parent, and the move becomes a parental relocation, a variety of legal difficulties can arise. Is the move being undertaken out of revenge against the former spouse? Is it going to benefit your child or drive your family farther apart?

Michigan attorney Lisa Stern will inform you of every law, option and alternative you should know about in order to make a sound decision. She has helped divorced and separated parents like you for 20-plus years.

Lisa brings her talent for improvisation and creativity to the goal of keeping a family together, post-relocation. Phones, web cameras, email and other digital technology can be assets in maintaining communications between parent and child.

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Michigan courts use these factors to decide whether it is in the best interests of the child for a parental relocation to occur for up to 100 miles from a child’s home, or to another state:

  • The move should improve quality of life for parent and child.
  • The custodial parent requesting the move should not intend to frustrate the parent seeking visitation, and should be likely to comply with substitute visitation orders.
  • Noncustodial parent resisting the relocation should not be motivated by a desire to secure a financial advantage regarding continuing support obligations.
  • There should be realistic opportunities for visitation to preserve the parental relationship.

Parental relocation requests can be difficult to seek and execute, contest and prevent. Tell Lisa D. Stern about your change of domicile legal goals in an initial consultation at our Bloomfield Hills law office.

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