Effective Custody Modification Assistance In Metro Detroit And Throughout Michigan

With the ever-changing nature of our fast paced lives, even the best laid plans can become obsolete. This fact is true of many arrangements in our lives, including child custody and visitation agreements. When living situations, employment or education arrangements change, child custody orders can quickly become a hindrance on your life and the life of your children.

Attorney Lisa Stern understands the strain an obsolete child custody arrangement can have on a parent’s life. With that in mind, we work diligently to help you obtain a child custody modification through the court, allowing you to restructure your life and the living arrangements of your children to better reflect the changes in your employment, living arrangements or schedules.

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Helping Parents Provide More Stable Lives For Their Children

Our post-judgment modification representation is designed to help you alter custody arrangements following major changes to your life or the life of your children. Such life changes include:

Our lawyer strives to help you prove your need to modify an existing court order and restructure your custody arrangement to better conform to your family’s new lifestyle and your children’s needs.

Once you have proven a significant change in circumstance or proper cause during the initial hearing, your case will be sent to trial before a family law judge. Our extensive litigation experience allows us to offer the best tools to prevail and to assist you to traverse the system as efficiently as possible.

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