Handling Violations Of Custody And Parenting Time Orders

Are you a divorced primary custodial parent whose child custody rights are frequently undermined?

Are you a secondary custodial parent who is being denied the parenting time granted you in your Michigan divorce decree?

You can fight back against violations of orders, starting today, by discussing a contempt order or enforcement legal action with attorney Lisa Stern.

Lisa D. Stern has been a hard-working, detail-minded, custody-focused family law attorney for 20-plus years. Her experience, knowledge of our court system and personal commitment to people like you has achieved results for her many appreciative clients.

If a divorce settlement agreement that directly affects you and your child has been ignored, you should contact our Bloomfield Hills law firm. Lisa D. Stern can seek a remedy for you in court, if necessary.

Clients in Michigan, including Metro Detroit, can reach us at this toll-free phone number: 248-335-5000.

Effective Representation To Meet Your Needs

When circumstances change in a divorced couple’s lives, and custody or support requirements need to be revised, Lisa D. Stern can assist you in making that needed transition. A post-judgment modification can be the result of a job loss, new employment, business transfer, health care in another state, military service, remarriage, drug and alcohol or physical abuse concerns. Lisa can assist you in proving the need for modification and obtaining your desired outcome.

However, if custody obligations are not being met, or a parental relocation is undertaken without court permission, an enforcement order may be necessary to restore a consistent pattern of access to your child. We can help you with that legal strategy.

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To find out more about how to pursue a violation of custody order in Michigan, contact lawyer Lisa D. Stern for a consultation.

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