Standing Up For Your Visitation Rights

If your custody and visitation rights have been violated, or a former spouse’s lack of cooperation has caused you to seek denial of parenting time, our experienced attorney can help you.

Lisa D. Stern listens carefully to your side of the story; stories about scheduling mix-ups, failures to communicate, last-minute absences for school transportation or weekend custody. All kinds of things can go wrong with a parenting plan if there is an
interference with visitation, if one party is unwilling or unable to abide by obligations.

Lisa D. Stern has sought practical, lasting solutions to child custody issues for 20-plus years in Bloomfield Hills and across Michigan. She wants you to let us do the work and the worrying, so you can fully concentrate on your children, your family, and your transition to a post-divorce routine.

Proven Legal Leadership Victims Of Parenting Time Denial And Interference With Visitation

Your former spouse needs to know that a pattern of casual, consistent inconvenience in parenting plan partnering will not be tolerated. If the visitation situation escalates and obligations are not fulfilled over a period of time, we can bring these violations of orders to the attention of a court.

Conversely, if you have been accused of these kinds of oversights and errors, we can aggressively protect your rights in negotiations and in court.

You should not have to feel that your good nature, flexibility and eagerness to cooperate in visitation scheduling are being taken for granted. If a child is to be picked up at a certain time for a certain activity, he or she should be, by a former spouse acting responsibly. The alternative to this is unacceptable.

For custody and visitation-minded family law leadership that protects your rights, and sends a message to someone who would violate them,
contact us to speak with Lisa D. Stern.

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