July 16, 2020

Common Issues in Any Divorce Case in Michigan

Getting a divorce can be one of the most life-altering situations a person could experience. For many people, a divorce case is the only time they ever have any contact with the courts. And, for some, the emotions that drive the case and the push toward a resolution can be exhausting.

Fortunately, many divorce cases have common issues, despite the fact that the family dynamics involved in any given case can vary quite a bit. For example, by the time a couple decides to proceed with a divorce, they have usually exhausted all possible alternatives for saving the marriage and, in many cases, they have explored the reasons for why they are getting a divorce in the first place.

Once a divorce case gets started, one issue can be the crux of the whole case: property and debt division. After all, most people work very hard for the assets they have accumulated over their working careers and they are mostly reluctant to part with what they feel is “theirs.” Debt is approached in much the same way, but the reverse – no one wants to leave a marriage owing debts that they believe are not theirs to address.

Lastly, in many divorce cases, the status of the couple’s minor children must be addressed through child support and child custody orders. This is where some divorce cases really get bogged down in bitter disputes between the divorcing couple. However, with child support and child custody issues, as well as property and debt division, if couples in Michigan are able to stay focused on getting through the legal issues in the case while putting emotions aside as much as possible, they may be able to reach a resolution to the case that is satisfactory to all involved.