March 29, 2013

Court hands down verdict in Deion Sanders custody case

A jury has awarded former NFL star Deion Sanders sole conservatorship of his two sons, while he will share joint conservatorship of his daughter with his wife. The jury reportedly returned with their decision roughly three hours after hearing Deion Sanders testify as the case’s final witness. One of the 12 jurors refused to sign off on the verdict, but the law only requires signatures from 10. The decision concludes a custody battle that began when Deion and Pilar Sanders announced that they were separating in late 2011. They remain married but are estranged and have accused each other of assault and abuse.

While celebrity divorce and custody cases tend to dominate the headlines, thousands of regular citizens face similar issues across Michigan. In fact, child support, alimony, property distribution and other related matters can be even more problematic for average divorcé(e)s as they often lack the financial resources enjoyed by their more famous counterparts. This makes it especially important for such individuals to secure a quality attorney, ensuring that their assets, rights and interests are properly represented.

Deion Sanders said he was “elated” after hearing the decision, contending that “truth prevailed.” However, Pilar Sanders argued that the court excluded key evidence, namely that relating to alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her estranged husband. A judge ultimately ruled that the evidence was not relevant to the child custody case and decided not to consider it. Pilar told the court she intends to appeal the verdict.

As his sons’ sole conservator, Deion Sanders is legally entitled to make decisions regarding residence, education and other important concerns on their behalf. Likewise, Deion and Pilar will have equal decison-making power in regard to their daughter. The court is responsible for determining visitation rights and will establish an appropriate schedule for when each parent cares for the children.

Source:, “Deion Sanders Gets Sole Conservatorship of Sons, Joint Conservatorship of Daughter,” Kendra Lyn, March 12, 2013