January 29, 2014

Court rules that sperm donor must pay child support

Some Michigan men may have donated their sperm at one time in order to earn a few extra dollars. One man did it for free and now he’s paying the price – literally. He is now being forced to pay child support – a first for any sperm donor.

The 47-year-old Kansas man answered an ad on Craigslist from two women who were looking to have a baby and needed a sperm donor. The man offered to donate his for free. He and the women signed a contract, and he gave up his parental rights.

However, the state is suing for repayment of government assistance the child received. When the lesbian couple split up in 2010, one of the women filed for welfare. She received $6,000 in services until 2012, when the aid ceased because the woman would not disclose the identity of the donor. The state found out that the man was the donor and is now asking him to pay $4,000 in reimbursement for the welfare payments. The state believed that the man and the women violated state law because a physician was not used to inseminate the mother of the child.

The man is obviously shocked about the situation. All he was trying to do was help the women. He never intended to have to pay for his actions, so he is now appealing the court’s decision.

The man and women were unaware of the sperm donor law requiring that the donation be performed by a doctor. The women even claimed that they had sought the assistance of doctors, but nobody would help them. So, they sought other avenues.

The woman had a contract in place and assured the man that they would not consider him to be the child’s father in any way. The man has now been ordered to pay support for the child, but that ruling is also being appealed.

Child custody cases can be difficult, but this ruling takes it to an entirely new level. If you believe that you deserve child support or that your current support order should be modified, an experienced legal professional may be able to help.

Source: ABC News, “Kansas Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support” Susan Donaldson James, Jan. 24, 2014