November 16, 2012

Emotional recovery after divorce

Divorce can have a number of effects on one’s finances, family and personal life, causing changes that are generally easy to measure and correct with effort and thoughtfulness. However, divorce can also leave one feeling lost and emotionally damaged. Many divorcees are understandably overwhelmed by such feelings, finding it difficult to put their ordeal behind them and get on with their new lives. Fortunately, recovery from divorce is not only possible but much easier if one takes the proper steps.

Despite divorce’s sometimes negative after effects, it is often the only solution for individuals struggling with unhappy, dysfunctional or even abusive marriages. Michigan residents who believe they could benefit from ending their marriages should consult with a qualified legal representative to learn more about the potential advantages of divorce.

It is natural to begin a period of mourning after divorce, and experts say there is nothing wrong with grieving for a failed marriage. However, it is important to quickly move on from this mindset and accept that you cannot change your past and to accept the realities of your divorce. Instead of dwelling on how bad your divorce made you feel, try to focus on the fact that these negative emotions will eventually cease. Trust that you will recover and begin steps to make that happen. Some divorcees turn to religion or travel the world in order to provide themselves with contexts for their lives; consider adopting a similar approach to jump start the healing process.

Forgiveness is a key part of recovery from divorce, although it can be difficult for those that went through particular difficult separations. You should work toward forgiving yourself and the world around you for what happened. If possible, you should also forgive your ex-spouse. In many divorces, both parties suffer emotional pain; keeping this in mind can help you better understand the causes of your divorce and how it affected you and your former partner.

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