April 21, 2021

Facts About Child Support and Health Care Coverage in Michigan

In Michigan, child support is one of the most important aspects of family law. Because children are often innocent bystanders in their parents’ marital problems, they do not deserve to be penalized as part of the case. Still, there can be issues that arise with their care. One that can cause severe problems is the failure to provide and pay for adequate health care coverage. This is crucial for the child to thrive and when the coverage is lapsed or insufficient, it is important to understand what steps to take to ensure the coverage is intact. This is a situation where it may be vital to have legal assistance.

Knowing the available steps to address healthcare coverage lapses

According to state law and the basics of child support, there must be health coverage for the child. “Reasonable cost” is specifically mentioned. In general, it is determined as reasonable if its cost does not go beyond 5% of the gross income of the parent who is providing the medical coverage. Even with that, the court can set a limit as to what the parent is obliged to pay for medical coverage. If there are expenses that the insurance coverage does not pay for, the court can tell the parents that they must pay for it.

The responsibility for providing health care coverage could fall to one parent or both parents. The Friend of the Court ensures the child is covered and can address the issue if this is not done. The coverage may come from the parent’s health care plan from work or other avenues. If it is not provided, the employer will receive a notice from the Friend of the Court and the child must be put on the health care plan with premiums deducted to pay for it. Some medical care might not be paid for under the plan. When parents are obligated to pay out of pocket, the Friend of the Court will take steps to collect those payments.

Child support issues and medical coverage could turn acrimonious

Parents are frequently in dispute over child-related issues after a divorce. It may become so contentious that they forget that the focus should be on the child. Nothing is more important than child support and the care a child receives. Medical coverage is essential in that context. Although the first response to a failure to pay for necessary medical coverage is to get angry and react, it is wiser to have professional assistance to deal with the problem. Consulting with those experienced in family law can give guidance and help with how to handle these complicated matters.