March 9, 2017


After the gnashing of teeth has come to an end (or has at least died down), there are some serious matters that must be considered. One of these matters is pursuing that second parent adoption. For those who have not yet started the second parent adoption process – NOW IS THE TIME.

It has remained my sincere hope that the Michigan courts would expand upon the legal concept of “Equitable Parent”. However, given the totality to the recent shift in power, this hope is now no more than a fool’s dream. Without the expansion of the Equitable Parent Doctrine, a parent who is neither biologically related to her children nor married to the biological mother at the time of birth, is without legal right to her children – unless a second parent adoption has been accomplished.

With the assistance of an experienced attorney the judicial process should be simple and the outcome is one that can be described as truly joyful.

While I personally don’t believe that we need to assume “the sky is falling” mentality, it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when concerning the most precious part of you, your children.