February 13, 2012

Having a change of heart in February

Going through a divorce in February can be difficult because of Valentine’s Day. The stores are filled with heart decorations, restaurants offer special meals for couples and everyone seems to be talking about love. So it may be surprising to learn that February is the most active month for divorces. October is the least active month.

Divorce is quite common, and roughly half of all marriages end in one. Every city in the United States shows that divorce rates are higher in women. In Detroit, Michigan, 12.4 percent of women and 9.6 percent of men are divorced.

There is no one reason that so many couples choose February to get divorced. Perhaps the stress of the holidays has finally passed and a person can now focus on taking care of their relationships. With spring right around the corner, maybe there is a desire to get a fresh start in their personal connections.

Whatever the reasons, the decision to get divorced is not an easy one. In most cases, it is a one-sided decision. This may be the situation if one spouse discovers infidelity or is extremely hurt by the other spouse. Increasingly, people are referring to Facebook for evidence in divorce cases which likely means there was activity by one spouse that the other found unacceptable.

While many people may think that going through a divorce can be expensive, Michigan residents may have it better than others. Divorces are the most expensive in Los Angeles. However, some studies suggest that the process is getting longer and more expensive every year. The average cost of getting divorced is $18,400 and takes an average of 8 months.

It is obvious that not everyone is feeling the love and warmth that Valentine’s Day is supposed to bring. For many people, this time of year is about getting started on their own future. Divorce is not always about ending something; it can also be about starting a new life and moving forward.

Source: The Huffington Post, “February: Most Active Month for Divorce,” Richard Komaiko, Feb. 13, 2012