July 17, 2017

High-stress jobs can lead couples to divorce

Michigan couples often face significant amounts of stress both at home and at work, and a new study shows the industries most likely to have divorced workers under the age of 30. It will come as no surprise to most that many of the jobs topping the list are in high-stress occupations, including the military.

In fact, according to Zippia, the data, which comes from the most recent U.S. Census Bureau, looked at the jobs of those ages 30 and younger who were currently divorced. Out of the top ten professions most likely to divorce, three of them were military jobs. The highest divorce-rate was for First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisors, who topped the chart at 30 percent. With couples separated by deployments and the stress that comes from the danger involved in many military careers, it is no surprise that many couples are unable to withstand the pressures. Military benefits are also increased for a married serviceman or woman, which could increase the number of marriages. Interestingly, deployed women are divorced at a higher rate than deployed men. As MarketWatch notes, mental health issues could also be affecting these rates, as 20 percent of veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq report issues with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Financial woes are a very large source of marital problems, which explain why many of the jobs topping the list were not especially high-earning professions. Those jobs with some of the lowest rates of divorce were dentists, speech pathologists, and religious workers. The national divorce rate has been dropping steadily since 1980.