October 20, 2017

How can you keep your family together after relocating?

Divorced Michigan parents may not always want or be able to stay in the same location after a divorce. This is where the expertise of Lisa Stern can benefit you. We can help you look through the possible problems that can result from a post-divorce relocation, and the tools you can use to combat them.

When examining your reasons to relocate, a judge will first check to make sure that the strain it puts on the relationship between your child and their other family members won’t be too great. Naturally, this includes your ex-spouse, though it can also refer to other siblings or family members that you might be leaving behind. In these scenarios, wanting to move for the express purpose of creating distance is theoretically not going to be allowed. However, there are cases in which your intentions might be good but there’s still the issue of creating distance. What can you do in those cases to keep your family together?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with people even if you aren’t within driving distance these days. Technology allows for easy access to things like video calls, group phone calls, and other modes of online or long-distance communication. These can be hugely important tools when it comes to keeping your family connected even if you move apart.

Moving away after a divorce doesn’t have to insert more distance between your family, nor does it have to put strain on the relationships between your child and ex-spouse. To read more about relocating post-divorce and your corresponding options, visit our web page.