May 18, 2018

How can you protect your child during a divorce?

As divorcing parents in Michigan, one shared goal that you and your spouse likely have is the protection of your child. Lisa Stern is here to help ensure that your child can make it through the potentially traumatic process of a parental divorce as easily as possible, giving you tools that can be used to ease through the transitional period.

Children will need the support from both parents, first and foremost. You should always take the time out to ensure that they understand you and your spouse aren’t getting divorced because of them. Additionally, reassurances should be made regarding how you both feel toward your child. It can ease a large amount of your child’s anxiety to know that both of their parents will continue to love them the same amount even if their living situation drastically changes.

When talking to children about divorce, it’s also important to tailor how you present the situation. Be sure to leave any bitterness toward your spouse or personal baggage about the relationship at the door, especially for younger children. The nitty-gritty details are simply things they don’t need to know. However, it’s inadvisable to directly lie about things, too. In most cases, it’s suggested to provide as much information as is asked for within reason, and not much more than that.

In order to protect your children during divorce, you and your spouse must take certain steps to ensure their continued safety. Following the above advice can be helpful. You may also benefit from taking a look at our web page on divorce law, which is linked above. The more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be for the hurdles ahead.

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