June 15, 2018

How do you determine what’s in your child’s best interest?

As divorcing parents in Michigan, you’ve likely heard the term “in your child’s best interest” numerous times. Lisa Stern, family law attorney, is here to explain exactly what this term means and how it applies to you.

Generally speaking, when someone refers to your child’s best interest in the context of a divorce, they’re talking about what will allow your child to continue growing, thriving, and living in a healthy environment even after the split is finalized. Needless to say, some amount of trauma is likely to occur. After all, this is a big change in any child’s life.

However, a number of things can be done to lessen the negative impact that a divorce might have. Topics of focus usually include their future living arrangement, the visitation schedule, custody rights options, and how you and your ex-spouse cooperate while moving forward. Generally speaking, it’s accepted that joint custody has a more positive impact on a child than sole custody. However, there are instances in which sole custody is the better option, such as if the other parent has a history of abuse or lives far away due to military status or job.

In the end, what is best for a child will differ from family to family and depend on your own unique circumstances. If you’re interested in reading more about different aspects of divorce, you can visit our webpage here. Not only do we take a deeper look into matters regarding your child’s welfare during divorce, but we also examine the divorce process itself from many angles, giving you more insight to use in your decision-making process.\

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