March 9, 2018

How does child support work in Michigan?

When Michigan parents decide to split, you need dedicated legal help to ensure that your child will receive the best possible post-divorce living situation. This is where Lisa Stern comes in, aiding families like yours through a divorce and supporting your child in the most effective ways.

Knowing how child support payments are determined and how you can deviate from that formula are both very important. The formula itself can be somewhat complex because it is determined by many different factors. These factors include:

  • How many children you have
  • Your income
  • Your spouse’s income
  • How many overnight visits each parent has

In some cases, especially concerning issues like income, you may end up having to rely on the fair judgment of a judge to get the support payment that you deserve. It’s also possible for your spouse to be lying about income. If you suspect that, launching investigations with forensic accountants may be a good idea to consider.

This formula doesn’t fit every situation, though. You may be eligible to differ from the formula if your case falls under certain circumstances. For example, if your child has special needs, they may require more support.

Child support payments may possibly change along with your family dynamics, and likely will change over time. However, having legal assistance through these changes can remove a lot of the stress from your plate. If you would like to read more about support payment options or formulas, our web page focused on divorce-related legal issues is linked here.