July 27, 2018

How often will I see my child after a divorce?

As parents in Michigan like you grow and move on with your lives after a divorce, it’s very possible that the arrangements you initially set up will no longer work for your needs. Lisa Stern, Michigan Family Law Attorney, is here to explain how these arrangements can be changed after a divorce has already happened.

In many cases, your life won’t stay the same after a divorce. Different scenarios can affect your availability or capabilities. For example, you may be in the military at the time your child custody arrangement is written. Because of your absence, you could be getting just a small amount of visitation time with your child. However, after you leave the military, are you still tied down to that? The short answer is no.

You can petition to make modifications to your child custody arrangement. Whether it’s because you believe that you deserve more of a chance to see your child, or because you believe your ex-partner has become too unfit for the arrangement you currently have. It’s true that your petition has a chance of being denied. This is why many will rely on experienced divorce attorneys to write petitions on their behalf and handle the legal side of things.

If you’re concerned about other matters regarding child custody or think your current arrangement needs to be adjusted, take a look at our web page on child custody. We also have information on divorce modification which may be important to you if you have already made arrangements that no longer suit your needs.