October 4, 2019

Is Your Spouse Hiding Money From You?

Michigan residents like you who decide to get a divorce already have enough on your plate. What you don’t need is the additional stress that can come from a spouse attempting to hide assets from you. Today, Lisa Stern, Michigan Family Law Attorney, will talk about what that might look like.

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for a spouse to attempt to hide some assets during the process of a divorce. This is because any and all assets that are reported are subject to being divided between them and you. In order to avoid having to give you more than they want, they falsely make it look like they have less to give in the first place.

This can come in many forms. Most commonly, it involves taking relatively unnoticeable portions of money or removing small portions multiple times over a longer time period. For example, your spouse might suddenly invest in watches, jewelry, fine art, antiques, or other valuables that can be easily resold. They may suddenly be eager to repay “debts” owed to family or friends that they intend to get back after the divorce.

They may also become more furtive with financial matters. Often, one of the first tip-offs that you may get is that your spouse refuses to let you access their financial information.

Do you suspect your spouse may be attempting to hide assets from you? You can take a look at our web page on divorce, or contact us to discuss the situation. You deserve your fair share of assets and if your spouse is trying to make the split uneven, it should be brought to light.