September 9, 2016

Mediation can help to simplify the divorce process

When a couple files for divorce in Michigan, emotions can run high. In some cases, the divorcing couple may be unable to agree on the terms of the settlement without going through court litigation. Some couples, on the other hand, may find it beneficial to create the details of their own divorce settlement through mediation negotiations. At the Law Offices of Lisa Stern, we understand how stressful the divorce process can be and how mediation can simplify the process.

Rather than discuss the terms of the settlement through attorneys before a court-appointed judge, mediation takes place in a more casual, non-confrontational atmosphere. A third-party mediator is present to direct the negotiations process and to ensure that all matters are covered in the final settlement. While the mediator can answer any legal questions that arise, he or she cannot offer personalized advice to either party.

Not only is mediation less expensive than court litigation, the divorce can become finalized much quicker. Couples are able to set the mediation appointments around their schedule, instead of waiting for a lengthy court date. Furthermore, a number of couples who undergo mediation end the marriage with a better relationship than they would have had if they had gone through an emotional court battle. This is ideal for parents or business partners who must continue to interact with one another after the marriage is terminated.

People who are entering the divorce process may want to learn about all of their legal options. Please visit our page on divorce and mediation for more information.