July 26, 2013

Michigan natives Michael Moore, Kathleen Glynn to divorce

A complaint filed in a Michigan circuit court shows that documentary director Michael Moore intends to divorce his wife, producer Kathleen Glynn, after nearly 22 years of marriage. Both natives of Flint, Michigan, Moore and Glynn were wed in 1991 and have collaborated on a number of films. The divorce complaint asks a judge to bar both parties from transferring or selling marital assets prior to the case’s completion.

The couple has no children, which means the dissolution of their divorce will certainly not be delayed by a lengthy child custody battle like so many other Michigan divorces. However, Moore and Glynn are believed to possess millions of dollars in combined assets. This suggests that the property division phase of their divorce could prove contentious, especially considering Moore’s move to block any sales or transfers. Attorneys will be vital on both sides of this complicated process.

Moore is known for his biting, acerbic commentaries on a wide spectrum of American political and social issues. He has included the nation’s wealthiest people, popularly referred to as the top “1 percent,” in these criticisms, denying suggestions that he himself is included in that group. A website that tracks celebrity wealth lists his net worth at $50 million, though it is unclear whether any other sources have verified this figure.

Regardless of Moore’s precise net worth, his divorce will still likely involve millions of dollars. He confirmed that he received $3 million from Warners Bros. for the rights to his first film alone, making it likely he collected even more for his subsequent eight films. He has also written nine books. His and Glynn’s Michigan home was assessed by officials as having a taxable value of approximately $1.2 million.

The precise details of the ending of the couple’s marriage are unclear, but Moore’s recent divorce complaint asserts that the union has been irrecovably broken and has no “reasonable likelihood” of being salvaged. The complaint also notes that Moore and Glynn no longer live in the same household.

Source: MLive, “Michael Moore divorce: Flint native splits with wife of 21 years” Ron Fonger, Jul. 18, 2013