March 21, 2013

Michigan organization plans divorce workshops for women

A nonprofit organization known as the Women’s Divorce Resource Center recently announced that it will hold a regular series of seminars aimed at helping Michigan women more easily undergo divorce. The educational seminars, named “Your Divorce Workshop” will largely focus on the planning for a divorce and handling the early stages of dissolving a marriage in court. As such, women attending the workshop will have access to family counselors, financial advisers and legal experts to help them better understand the divorce process. The workshops are currently only scheduled for Bloomfield Township, but other Michigan communities could adopt similar programs if the seminars prove successful.

A project of United Charitable Program, the Women’s Divorce Resource Center (WDRC) was founded by two women who saw a need for better support and educational resources for women undergoing divorce. While the founders’ primary experience with divorce was financial, WDRC also hopes to help female divorcées deal with the legal, familial and emotional consequences of dissolving a marriage and provide “holistic” support.

The first sessions of the “Your Divorce Workshop” is scheduled to last slightly over three hours and will cost $45 per registrant. WDRC organizers say that workshop materials and refreshments are included with this fee. The WDRC has also set dates for a number of additional workshop sessions throughout the coming months, with the last scheduled seminar in November. It is unclear whether the workshop will end at this time or if WDRC plans to continue the program into 2014.

While educational resources like this help support women throughout the divorce process, consulting with a qualified family law attorney is crucial in order to find success in the court room or settlement talks. Women considering divorce are advised and encouraged to take advantage of both community outreach and education programs as well as the expertise provided by an attorney.

Source: Oakland Press, “Women’s Divorce Resource Center to offer workshops,” March 7, 2013