October 18, 2013

Michigan treasurer to leave office due to divorce

The man who has battled financial problems in Detroit and across the state of Michigan will step down from his post as Treasurer, claiming that his current divorce and other personal issues have made it too difficult to adequately perform his job duties. Treasurer Andy Dillon’s three-year tenure has been plagued with controversy, much of it having to do with his current marriage.

Dillon issued a statement explaining that the media attention attracted by his divorce has made keeping his current job “unfair” to his family and the citizens of Michigan. Commentators have been largely surprised by the move since Dillon has stayed in office through a number of serious crises, including a highly publicized drinking problem and an expensive, controversial and ultimately unsuccessful gubernatorial bid in 2010.

This story illustrates how divorce can affect anyone, from prominent state officials to everyday citizens. While each of these cases is unique in its own right, all Michigan residents undergoing divorce have a universal need for privacy and quality legal representation.

Dillon and his ex-wife have had a tumultuous relationship even though they finalized their divorce in March. Dillon was accused of domestic abuse in July, when his ex-wife claimed a confrontation outside their home became violent when he grabbed her and forcefully twisted her arm. However, prosecutors decided not to press criminal charges against the treasurer in August.

The attorney representing Dillon’s ex suggested that “other reasons” may have contributed to the official’s resignation. He said that he and his client attempted to resolve the couple’s disputes in court, but asserted Dillon was uncooperative with their efforts. He claimed that Dillon attempted to withhold some of his assets during the property division phase and is working on having the couple’s divorce settlement reopened. Dillon’s legal representative summarily rejected those assertions.

Governor Rick Snyder and a number of conservative legislators say they are sorry to see Dillon step down from his post. Snyder, who has been one of Dillon’s most fervent supporters, told reporters he accepted the Treasurer’s letter of resignation regretfully but with “understanding.”

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Michigan treasurer Andy Dillon resigns amid bitter divorce, controversies” Paul Egan and Kathleen Gray, Oct. 11, 2013