January 10, 2013

Michigan woman loses custody of children after drug arrest

The Michigan Department of Human Services’ Child Protective Services took protective custody of three children after they were discovered during a drug raid by local police. Although the three children of undisclosed ages were only taken in temporary custody, the 27-year-old mother of the children will likely lose custody if she is convicted of the drug-related charges against her.

Michigan courts typically award child custody based on the best interests of the child in question. This means that a parent found guilty of drug crimes are at significant risk for losing custody. If his or her substance abuse threatens to harm the child or prevents them from being an adequate parent, a parent could even be denied any parenting time. Michigan parents accused of drug offenses should contact an experienced family law attorney to learn more about their legal options. Those who believe their children are being endangered by another parent’s abuse of drug or alcohol should also seek legal counsel, as a child custody modification might allow them to gain full parental rights and better protect their children.

Police say they raided the woman’s home after receiving a report about potential drug activity. After a search of the premises, the officers say they recovered an undisclosed amount of hash and cannabis. The woman was charged with possession of marijuana, maintaining a drug house and intent to manufacture hash. She was detained at a county jail with bond set at $60,000.

Officers say they also discovered three children at the home and turned them over to the state DHS Child Protective Services. Authorities say they are still investigating the incident and ask that anyone with information regarding the children, the suspect or any other detail in the case call the police or send an anonymous tip online.

Source: MLive, “3 children placed in protective custody, woman arrested for maintaing a drug house in Cass County,” Anthony Smigiel, Jan. 4, 2012