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Resolve to be a better co-parent in the New Year

The holiday season can be a difficult time to be a divorced or separated parent. When coupled with the stress often associated with the holidays, dealing with problematic child custody arrangements and visitation schedules can be overwhelming for Michigan parents. It is understandable that this can lead to an unsatisfactory and less-than-enjoyable holiday season. However, parents who feel their holidays were negatively affected by their relationship with their ex-spouses can take steps to ensure that they are not plagued by the same problems in 2013, taking advantage of the New Year to resolve to make things different.

Therapy for children of divorced parents: When is it right?

Divorce can be a difficult process for both spouses, but it can be even harder on the children if there are any. While many children emerge from their parent's divorces happy and unscathed, others may become overwhelmed with guilt, anger, fear and other emotions. This makes it important for divorced Michigan parents with joint custody of their children to evaluate whether therapy could be useful in helping their children adjust to life after divorce.

An argument against mandated joint child custody

In recent years, courts in Michigan and across the United States have demonstrated a growing preference for awarding shared child custody between divorced parents. In many cases, such arrangements are seen as advantageous because they allow children to maintain healthy relationships with both parents. Some people have even called for laws requiring courts to always hand down such decisions, but other experts say it would be a mistake to statutorily mandate joint child custody.

Co-parenting in divorce study may offer hope to Michigan couples

Recent collegiate research suggests that parents who are hostile and combative following a divorce can eventually work together to improve their co-parenting skills and better serve their children's best interests.

Should you save your marriage or file for a divorce?

How can you tell when your marriage is worth saving, or if a divorce is in your family's best interest? It is important to assess the strengths and problems in your marriage before making this decision. Marriage counselors and attorneys in Michigan and throughout the nation can help a couple examine their marriage and the steps they should take for the sake of themselves, and for their children. Even though a divorce may be necessary, a person may have a difficult time identifying the signs.

Special court offers alternative solutions to co-parenting

In Michigan, as well as nationwide, an increasing number of parents are unmarried. It is estimated that approximately four out of 10 children in the U.S. are born to parents who were never wed. In one state, authorities are experimenting with a new specialized court designed to assist unmarried parents with their unique challenges. That includes a heightened focus on fathers' rights.

Tips for helping children through divorce

Michigan residents know that divorce that involves children is often a difficult and demanding process for an entire family. Sharing child custody is a challenge that requires a dedicated co-parenting approach. Children, regardless of their age, can be deeply affected by divorce, even when the process is amicable. Research shows that children of divorce generally experience better psychological health if they are in regular contact with both parents. Moms and dads can follow a few simple tips to make the process smoother for everyone involved.

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