January 31, 2013

Olympic skier files two child custody claims

Gold medal Olympic skier Bode Miller hopes to gain custody of two children following his wife’s recent miscarriage. The five-time medalist and World Cup-winner has filed two suits against two different women in order to claim paternity and ultimately secure child custody of two children, one of whom has yet to be born.

Fathers in Michigan who fail to properly establish paternity of their children generally find it difficult to secure child custody and other paternal privileges. This can be especially problematic when family courts still hold a bias against fathers. As such, it is essential that men hoping to claim their rightful paternal rights in the state consult with a qualified family law attorney to ensure their interests and rights are properly represented.

In one of the suits, Miller argues that he fathered a woman’s 4-year-old daughter. In addition to seeking physical and joint custody of the girl, Miller has also offered to begin making child support payments to her mother.

In the other claim, Miller hopes to secure joint legal and physical custody of a still unborn boy. The boy’s mother reportedly claimed that Miller failed to acknowledge his paternity of the child after he became married to volleyball player Morgan Beck. On the same day the all-star couple was married, the woman reportedly posted a sonogram of the soon-to-be-born infant on her Twitter account, tagging Miller in the in the tweet.

In the midst of both lawsuits, Miller has been forced to deal with his wife’s recent miscarriage. The professional skier has largely been quiet on the tragic news, but did comment on the miscarriage on Twitter. Miller and Beck were married in October 2012 and publicly announced Beck’s pregnancy on Christmas Day.

Source: Enstars, “Bode Miller Paternity Suits Shadow News of Wife Morgan Beck’s Miscarriage,” Dexton Keyton, Jan. 21, 2013