April 30, 2019

Planning Summer Vacations After Divorce

Many Michigan families look forward to summer vacation but the summer months can sometimes be stressful for divorced parents. Many people may want to travel with their children and make fun memories. It is a good idea for parents to discuss summer vacation while school is still in session so they can make a plan that works for everyone.

Because parents want to spend a lot of time with their kids during the summer, it is important for them to make plans early. DivorceMagazine.com says that some parents may want to discuss summer vacation when they first put together a parenting plan. This allows them to decide how long vacations should be and how often each of them can travel with the kids. People may also want to discuss whether a new boyfriend or girlfriend can go on these vacations. Additionally, it is a good idea for parents to decide how much advance notice they need about a trip. Some people may want to know about a vacation several weeks in advance. Others may not mind if one parent calls during the week to ask about traveling with the kids over the weekend.

Additionally, parents may want to talk about how they will keep in touch during these vacations. Some people might want their child to text or call every day, while others may only want a phone call if something goes wrong. If parents discuss their communication plans, this may help both of them feel better about a vacation, especially if the trip is a long one. Before leaving on a trip, it is a good idea for people to make sure the other parent has a full itinerary. Some people may want to put together the entire itinerary before giving it to their ex-spouse. However, it is a good idea for people to make sure their ex-spouse has time to look over the travel plans and ask questions.

It is also a good idea to talk to the kids. According to Parenting.com, older children may have their own plans for summer vacation and parents may want to ask for their input. Sometimes kids might want to attend summer camp or try new activities. While some parents might feel these activities will cut into their parenting time, it is important to respect a child’s interests and plan summer parenting time around the kids.