February 14, 2014

Preparation is key for a divorce with a good outcome

Michigan couples who have been through divorce will likely tell you that the situation was not easy. There are many aspects involved in a divorce, especially if children are involved. Although there are no guarantees that a divorce won’t be messy, there are ways to prepare yourself emotionally and financially so that you can strive for the best outcome possible.

Get a job or some source of income. This applies to both genders, but mostly to women who perhaps quit their jobs to stay home full time with the kids. The other party is not going to be able to support two households unless he or she is very wealthy, which is not often the case. Those who have the financial means to support themselves have more options in a divorce. They don’t have to rely on the other spouse to make ends meet and can have a better standard of living.

The next steps is to be cordial. A divorce does not have to be a cutthroat battle between the spouses. Strive for an amicable divorce. It’s cheaper and results in less stress for everyone involved. Work with the other party to try to negotiate.

Finally, have a strong support team. Besides legal help, you may also need financial advice, so look for an accountant or other qualified professional. Family and friends can provide emotional support. Don’t be afraid to find a therapist if you need additional support.

A divorce can bring about intense stress and negative emotions. It can be difficult, but by acting responsibly and taking the high road, the process can go a bit smoother.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Three Ways to Protect Yourself in a Divorce” Margaret Klaw, Jan. 29, 2014