December 18, 2012

Rodman in hot water over child support

Michigan residents might remember basketball player Dennis Rodman for his scrappy style of play on the court during the “Bad Boys” era of the Detroit Pistons. It turns out, the former professional ball player has been dubbed a “Bad Boy” by a local court where he now resides.

Rodman has fallen behind on his child support payments, and is facing serious legal ramifications as a result. The former player was recently ordered to fork over $500,000 in child support to his ex-wife. If Rodman does not comply with the orders, he could be placed behind bars.

Initially, Rodman’s wife and one of her attorneys claimed that the former player owed her as much as $850,000 in child support. Rodman and his legal team denied that gaudy figure. Both sides struck a deal outside of court and settled on the $500,000 sum.

In March of 2009, Rodman was instructed to pay more in child support, but he missed the hearing. Claiming he did not know about the increased amount, he started to fall behind on his payments. He was also found in contempt of court for not following the instructions.

His attorney said that ever since he learned about the updated information, he has made appropriate payments.

The former spouses have a few other unresolved issues in their divorce. They have yet to hash out arrangements for child custody and visitation. They have a court date set for Jan. 24, 2013, where these details might finally be set in stone.

Keep in mind, Rodman likely had a huge drop-off in his income once his playing days came to an end. Child support arrangements can be modified, and those that experience such a decrease in income are encouraged to bring it to the attention of a family law judge. This way, they can continue making payments, which directly benefit innocent children.

Source: International Business Times, “Dennis Rodman Child Support: NBA Bad Boy Owes Ex-Wife Michelle $500K,” Dec. 7, 2012