August 10, 2012

Should you save your marriage or file for a divorce?

How can you tell when your marriage is worth saving, or if a divorce is in your family’s best interest? It is important to assess the strengths and problems in your marriage before making this decision. Marriage counselors and attorneys in Michigan and throughout the nation can help a couple examine their marriage and the steps they should take for the sake of themselves, and for their children. Even though a divorce may be necessary, a person may have a difficult time identifying the signs.

For instance, has the spark gone out of your marriage in such a way that you are not sure what you ever saw in each other, or why you even got married? Are you still attracted to each other, or has your intimacy altogether disappeared? Are either of you more romantically attracted to someone else? Do you still have fun together or do you spend more of your time arguing?

When a couple no longer experiences much positive quality time, they need to search for these reasons within themselves and see if they are able to reclaim their relationship. If a couple needs help with this, marriage counseling and individual psychotherapy may be a great option.

Other serious problems may not be reconcilable, though. Is your spouse addicted to unhealthy habits such as drugs or alcohol and refusing to seek help? Are there financial issues that you cannot seem to see eye-to-eye on? These are some of the most common reasons that couples seek a divorce.

Undoubtedly, the most important issue to address is what is best for you and your children, now and in the future. If you decide that divorce is imminent, it is important to remember that once this agreement is finalized, you and your former spouse will still need to work together to co-parent any children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Readiness Questionnaire,” Natalie Gregg, Aug. 3, 2012