What Rights Do Grandparents Have In Child Custody?

In January 2005, Michigan passed a law that gave increased custody and visitation rights to grandparents under certain circumstances.

We applaud the willingness of loving grandparents to assume larger roles in families divided by divorce or dysfunction. We will carefully explain your rights and options in disputes over custody, visitation, parenting time and adoption.

During her 20-plus years of loyal service to Michigan clients, attorney Lisa D. Stern has protected the rights of grandparents in custody and visitation matters. She works with you to formulate visitation plans that are practical and easily achieved.

Establishing Parental Rights For Grandparents

If a parent has relinquished responsibility for the daily care of a child due to substance abuse or failure to offer or receive support, or if one or both parents of a child have died, we can speak with grandparents about establishing parental rights, temporarily or permanently.

You should also speak with us if adoption of a grandchild figures strongly in your family law plans. Lisa D. Stern has the experience, legal knowledge and ability to tailor her legal leadership to your unique situation.

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