Addressing Specific Child Custody Situations

When child custody issues arise, you will have many questions – because these questions affect your children, their well-being and their futures, getting the right answers is important.

Since 1995, attorney Lisa Stern has been providing individuals just like you with the answers they need to protect their children’s best interests and their ability to be there for their kids. This includes both married and unmarried couples and individuals such as:

  • Fathers: We help fathers establish paternity and enforce divorce orders granting them parenting time so they can stay involved in their children’s lives.
  • Mothers: We help mothers enforce custody and support agreements, protect their children from harm, and maintain the legal protection they need to provide nurturing environments for their children.
  • Grandparents: Grandparents in nontraditional roles – such as those who are raising a grandchild due to a parent’s absence or substance abuse – as well as those seeking visitation rights can benefit from our extensive understanding of Michigan custody laws.
  • Stepparents: Our services include counseling stepparents about the adoption process and other options that may be available to help them be more invested in their spouse’s children’s lives.

We also guide our clients through the complex process of establishing or disputing paternity.

We Are Here For You And Your Family

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