June 28, 2013

Strategies for coping with a divorce

Divorce can be an immensely stressful experience, with spouses frequently engaged in a series of bitter disputes over matters like property division, child support, alimony and custody. Regardless of which party emerges victorious from each of these conflicts, however, those who can move on and grow from divorce are the real winners. Michigan divorcees who remain calm and handle the dissolution of their marriages will in turn experience happier, more fulfilling lives after their divorces are finalized.

Married couples often share mutual friends, which can create turbulence in the wake of a divorce. Some divorcees are able to maintain relationships with friends that are also close to their ex-spouses. Couples with particularly unhappy histories may need to branch out and search for new friends. This can be helpful for any divorcee, as it provides a source of support and an outlet that is completely unconnected to one’s former husband or wife.

Finding new friends also serves as an excuse to explore new interests, hobbies and social circles. Many divorcees find that enrolling in exercise classes, taking courses at a local university or community college or simply learning new skills help them accept their divorces, grow as individuals and recognize their own worth.

Similarly, most divorced Michigan residents find it beneficial to avoid contact with their ex-spouses whenever possible. While divorced couples with shared child custody agreement must interact to be effective co-parents, divorcees should resist the urge to follow a former spouse’s activity on social media sites or compare an ex’s newly single life with their own. The best way to recover from the pain of divorce is often to completely separate one’s self from an ex-spouse and focus on one’s personal development and growth.

Divorcees who consult with qualified family law attorneys are frequently more equipped to deal with the many challenges associated with divorce. A good lawyer has the legal knowledge and experience needed to successfully navigate the legal side of divorce, allowing his or her clients to better address more personal concerns.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce 101: How to Win Your Divorce” Janis Spindel, Jun. 18, 2013