February 9, 2021

Survey Examines Potential for Pandemic-Related Divorce

In Michigan and across the nation, marriages will inevitably face a litany of challenges. During normal times, relationships have their ups and downs. When there is a worldwide health crisis that changes how people live, work and function, it can exacerbate existing strains and create new ones. As the pandemic continues and people are forced to work from home, help their children with remote learning and spend an inordinate amount of time with their spouses without a meaningful break, tensions could boil over and spark marital strife. In some instances, this might lead to divorce. For people thinking about ending their marriage, having legal assistance can be useful.

Some marriages are stronger, others showing cracks

Analysis of the American Family Survey regarding how families have been impacted by the pandemic indicates that some marriages have proven to have greater durability though tough times than others. Still, people are expressing heightened concerns about various issues like economics. In the survey of 3,000 participants, 37% of married people said they were experiencing more stress than before because of the pandemic. Thirty-four percent said economics were the source of marital stress.

There have been positives. Many people are happy to spend more time with their spouse and children. They are sharing duties and feeling greater appreciation for their partners. Still, 8% said they had a higher chance of getting divorced or separation. Another 8% said it was less likely. People who are facing strain are advised to consider getting professional assistance to get through the rocky period. Unfortunately, that fails for many and divorce is the probable outcome.

When considering divorce, legal help can be imperative

Although the survey showed surprisingly positive signs for many marriages, there remains a significant number of people who are experiencing problems because of the pandemic. It might have created new ones or highlighted fissures in the relationship that were already in place. Deciding to divorce can be worrisome emotionally and financially. Support, child custody, parenting time and more will be part of the process. For those thinking about divorce, it is beneficial to have legal assistance to navigate the terrain. Whether there are children or not, or if it is a high-asset divorce or one of more modest means, consulting with a family law firm could be helpful.