June 13, 2019

What Are Some Tips for High Asset Divorcees?

As a couple in Michigan who has decided that divorce is the right thing for you, you may also be wondering how to deal with your assets. The more assets you have, the more potentially complex your divorce could become.

Findlaw has some legal guidance for people who are handling high asset divorces, along with their related hurdles. The first tip is to determine exactly where your assets lie and how much you have. This is important for the division process. All assets will be divided between marital property, separate property and community property. Some of these items will have to be divided. Others you may be able to keep for yourself.

The amount of things like alimony or child support will also rely on knowing exactly what your assets are worth. Depending on who has the higher income, payments will be determined in a way that will allow the ex-spouse – and your child, if you have one – to maintain the standard of living that was enjoyed while you were together.

Handling the legal end of things can be complex, too. You may need an attorney to help you keep all of your assets straight. Not only that, but you may want to protect your personal information from being available to the public. This can be done by sealing certain documents, so they’re only visible to those involved and the courts. This way, sensitive information like your net worth can be hidden.

Dealing with high asset divorces can be a pain. However, it can be helpful if you have an attorney helping you through it.