May 11, 2020

What Should I Expect if I Want to Adopt My Stepchildren?

It is not uncommon for stepparents to want to adopt their stepchildren for one reason or another which may include emotional and legal reasons. Stepparents should be prepared for what to expect from the stepparent adoption process so they can navigate it as smoothly as possible.

In general, stepparents are permitted to adopt their stepchildren and because of the existing familial relationships, certain requirements commonly associated with the adoption process, such as a home visit, may be waived. This can help expedite the adoption process in many situations. The adoption process can be complex and take time but is usually viewed as worth it. Understanding the process can help parents and families more successfully navigate it.

Unless the parental rights of the birth parent have been terminated, consent for the stepparent adoption is required from the birth parent. In some circumstances, if obtaining consent is not possible, it may be possible to pursue termination of the birth parent’s parental rights. In situations of abandonment or if the birth parent is deemed unfit, it may be possible to terminate the birth parent’s parental rights. In addition, if the birth parent from whom consent is sought is the putative father, and it is determined that he is not the biological father of the child, parental rights may also be terminated.

The adoption process is important to many families and children which is why it is important to understand. Each adoption is different and stepparent adoption situations are no exception so it is helpful for stepparents and birth parents to be familiar with how the process works.